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My real name is David Dubuque, but I go by darklinkrising in most of the online communities I'm a part of. I'm an IT professional of 10+ years. I started my IT experience in the military,and fell in love with learning about enterprise environments. When I got out of the military, I worked for a fourtune 500 financial firm as a contractor. After my contract expired, I went to work for a large University. After a few years, I wanted something more fast paced so I moved onto one of the largest tax firms in the nation. I have a lot of server, storage, and virtualization experience, as well as administrating Windows and Linux platforms at the enterprise level. I've done Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, DFS, Certificate management, windows clustering, Database administration, webdev, and just about anything else you can throw at a Server Engineer. I now lead a team of seven messaging, server, virtualization and database administrators.

I'm an avid fan of videos games and obviously by the theme of this site the Legend of Zelda. I love history, science and really anything dealing with aerospace industry and outerspace.

I really love anything pertaining to technology and its betterment. In a sense, I'd call myself a futurist and try my best to be involved in ways that progress our world forward technologically.

I am a firm supporter of Nutanix and HCI technology. I fortunate enough to be a member of the Nutanix Technical Advisory Board and am currently a 2019 Nutanix Technology Champion. I have designed, deployed and maintained a virtualization environment of hundreds of virtual hosts and a plethora of different workloads.

I definitely consider myself a Nutanix evangalist, and welcome any questions.

From an education perspective, I have a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology - Network Administration from Western Governorns University.

I am currently certified in the following:

  • Microsoft MCSA Windows Server
  • CompTIA: Project +, Linux +, Security + Network + and Linux Network Professional
  • CIW Web Design Specialist