Nutanix Xi Leap – The future of DR in the Cloud?

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So, for some time now, I’ve been pondering on Nutanix Xi Leap as a viable option for disaster recovery services. Right now, where I work, we don’t have the RTO requirements to require NearSync and its hard, year after year, to justify the cost of a “what if” datacenter, that in all actuality is a glorified backup repository.

So, what is Nutanix Xi Leap? It’s really meant to be a simplified disaster recovery service that is decoupled from the infrastructure dependencies of the past. As it’s been explained to me and from what I have observed, it’s a flexible recovery services engine that allows for you to chose where you place your systems from a single pane of glass. (Nutanix private cloud, AWS, Azure, or GCP) You can orchestrate your recovery processes in a painless way that allows you to control your DR without the pain of managing the physical infrastructure and simplifying the recovery experience. Whether that’s on-premise to the cloud, cloud to cloud recovery, cloud to on-premise, or anything you desire.

For me personally, I prefer to keep my datacenters running only active workloads. Now I don’t know about all of you, but if you have remote offices that you deal with, it can get pricy to maintain backup storage infrastructure, whether you store it locally, or haul it back to your datacenters. It adds an unnecessary level of complexity to factor into your datacenter needs that can make it difficult to plan for growth. One of the few downsides to a converged infrastructure is the inability to scale storage without the cost of compute on top of it. Being able to limit the storage needs from a Nutanix perspective is beneficial to reducing cost truly active workloads. That on top of reducing datacenter rental space, electricity, cooling, etc. your TCO can creep up without even realizing it. Xi Leap could be a game changer in the way we look at disaster recovery. DR is meant to be a comfort and means of continuity for your business. Simplification and having it “just work” is how it should be.

There are several things that are attractive to me with Nutanix Xi Leap.

All of the points above aside, I really see a place in the industry for simplifying backups at the edge. Leveraging Nutanix Snapshots and protection domains, you can easily associate your edge backups into the Nutanix Xi. This allows for peace of mind while also easily resuming functionality for an office where it geographically makes sense, when you really need it. For me, I see it as a quicker way to scale without needing to change my backup strategy. If I'm told tomorrow that an acquisition of 15 offices is coming, I may get grey hair but not because I need to worry about my backups. Much like the Nutanix platform itself, my first impression of Xi Leap is intended to be easily scalable and easy to setup. Even if you have just a small cluster in your datacenter, it really just makes sense to make DR as simple as replicating your backups to somewhere out of site and out of mind, while maintaining data integrity and security. Simplicity with transparent costs and without sacrificing capability. This is why I see Nutanix changing the DR landscape and how they will be a leader in the world of DRaaS.

It's very easy to get caught up in the industry buzz words and the sales pitches that get thrown at every administrator/engineer oon a daily basis. In my experience, Nutanix ihas been very good about getting to the point and bringing forward the right people in from of you to discuss your business needs and help design a solution. Xi Leap, while is still relatively young, it appears to be a very robust addition to the Nutanix cloud portfolio and has the direct focus of their CEO. I look forward to seeing how it evolves and how people plan their DR strategies. Don't just take my work for it. Check it out for yourself.

If you’re an existing customer of Nutanix, what are your thoughts of Xi Leap? Are you currently using it? I’d love to hear your feedback.