.NEXT 2019 - Will You Be There?

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Happy Monday to you all! Hope that everyone had a lovely Easter with family and/or friends. This week, I'm excited to talk about .NEXT 2019 starting on May7th! I was fortunate enough to go last year in New Orleans and I'm extremely excited to attend this years as well. The inner nerd inside is extremely excited to see Mark Hamill as one of the Keynote speakers. To see the jedi master himself is a childhood dream come true! I'm also very excited that this year it's somewhere warm. I've never been to Anaheim, so it will be nice to explore and maybe even go to Disneyland!

Most of everyone will take Monday/Tuesday to get their passes and get comfortable, but I will be arriving on Monday and getting settled. First thing Tuesday we'll be jumping right in with developer day. Admittedly, I'm not a developer per se, but I am very excited to have been invited and hear of the changes coming to the Nutanix API, Calm, Era, and hear from those who have worked to build it. Award winning research and author of the Phoneix Project, Gene Kim will be one of the guest speakers and several customers who have contributed heavily to help product development will speak to how it's improved their business. Afterwards everyone will get the chance to leverage a hands-on lab of our choosing. I'm excited to step away from the storage and virtualization work for awhile and see what can be beneficial from a DevOps perspective. Should be plenty of good notes to take. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to the after party as well.

The vast majority of the sessions I plan to attend are outside of my comfort zone this time. They will really focus on areas such as VDI and XI and their use cases. Working somewhere that focuses a lot on growth through integrating with smaller businesses, we're always looking for the best opportunity to find the right tools to make that experience seemless for both the end user as well as the administrators who make it happen. Citrix has always been something that has intrigued me from an enterprise perspective, and I look forward to learning more around how they offer their services on the Nutanix Stack. As for XI, I'm always on the look out for new ways of simplifying disaster recovery. Any chance to cut cost and have a viable plan that integrates with your existing technologies is exciting. There is a paradigm shift in the world of IT around the need for a secondary datacenter for disaster recovery. You spend all of this money and time just for resources to harldy or never be used. Having a resource such as XI that can simplify the cost and management of DR is something I believe everyone responsible for their datacenters should examine.

How many of you are planning on going? Feel free to message me and say hi while you're there! I'm always interested to hear what people are doing in their environments!. I plan to post lots of pictures and share as much information as I can as I hear about it on twitter so be on the look out!